Hey Love !!

From the minute I saw you, I was hooked. You are perfect for me! I am so glad to be able to call you my Love

i love u baby

happy anniversary to my love !!!

Wishing you the jolliest happy anniversary ever, my sweet!

"The best thing to
hold onto in life is each other."

I love to make you smile and to make you laugh. If you are happy, I am happy..


"Feeling loved. By You. My favorite feeling"

Hey Love 💖

Happy 3rd Anniversary Baby 🌹💖.

Starting from the top:
On 1st of December 2017 we confess that we have feelings for each other and from that day we started getting even more close and later on 14th of Feb 2018 we got into relationship. Since that day I’ve been falling for you more and more day by day. At this point of time you know that we are so close and I’m so afraid to lose you now that I can’t even think to get apart from you now and now that even you are so close to my parents and they clearly said that they want you to marry me so let’s make this happen in few more years now. These 3 years were so amaing and they were so beautiful with you, every moment that we spent together is priceless and I want to re-enjoy all those special moments with you for the rest of my life. Now every body has given there approval for us and you share a very close bond with all of them so you can’t think of leaving me or cheating me 😂 and most important all of our close people love me more than you 😛.

At this point we both have to be there to support eachother back as this is the most crucial time for our career and I know that we will both achieve what we want together so just have faith in me and believe me so that I can build such a strong career that nothing can pull us apart, so for that you have to be there with me at every moment so that I can talk to you, to be boosted by my personal chair leader. And you know that I’m always there for I’ll always have you’re back in every situation you know what I mean so just focus on you’re career buil it up so strong that nothing will pull us apart to keep on working on it.

I’m about to step in into my journey or in new chapter of my life so I want you to be there for me and a little to adjust with this so we won’t fight much and we’ll get through this easily and soon. Once I get adapted to this environment then I’ll be able to manage all the stuff together so till that just be by my side and focus on your’s too.

Today we completed 3 years of amazing journey which is so beautiful and so amazing that I never thought of and there are many more years to come, many more moments to come and we’ll get them together.

Happy Anniversary Baby 🖤
ILoveYou 🌹🖤


today I just want to tell you that how grateful i”m to have you because you made me feel like nobody can…. you know what “I love you so much” seriously in words it’s hard to express my feelings for you…you are the beautiful treasure of my life If you have not come in my life!!! I never know what is the meaning of love and the affection of having it… and the moments we spend are priceless… I remember every single moment with you…you are my Love…
I really care for you mah baby…..
and I want this relationship will last longer
this is just a little effort to make my you feel special ….love you baby,😘
Wishing you the happiest anniversary ever to my life…

where it all began

Ishan & Arushi


For you

I love to make you smile and to make you laugh. If you are happy, I am happy..  

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